Kenny as a Surprise father fanfics?

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Kenny as a Surprise father fanfics?

Postby Kennyfanboy34 » Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:29 pm

Hey everyone, new to these forums, so I hope this is a proper introduction to you all. Anyways, I've became entrenched by a rather interesting idea that hasn't really been shown by this community that much (I've read some fics, but they're few and far between). These ideas are mainly based around Kenny, either as a Teen in HS or an Adult, getting some girl pregnant and he doesn't know about it until the baby winds up on his doorstep without the mother to be seen. The best fic I've seen do this type of scenario so far is "Surprise" by southparkgirl101 (last updated 8-20-2012, sadly) at around 32K words and 9 chapters. I highly reccomend the fic even if some of the writing can be a bit, er, sloppy. Another good fic is "Addicted" by SomeSouthParkFan in which Kenny has a son at the age of 16 with a Prostitute and decides to take care of him and try to get a good life for him. There are several fics involving Kenny being a father, including a Bunny one (Name escapes me at the moment), but the main point is these are relatively few in number though each show Kenny who, while we know is a massive perv, is also sweet, loving, mature, and protective when it comes to Karen and would likely be the same way with any child of his. So I'm curious if anyone has any ideas for this type of fic, because I'd love to read it and help you develop it further.

Also, for anyone curious, I am developing one myself that will involve Kelly from S3E1, Kenny (ofc), Craig, Kyle, Stan, Karen, and a few others in a hopefully unique fic as at the same time I show Kenny being more connected with his Irish roots (hinted at with the name McCormick). The only thing I know right now is the basic outline for the first few chapters, the name of Kenny's kid, and the title (Teacht Game Choinne (Irish Gaelic, means Unexpected Arrival if Google Translate is to be trustworthy). Besides that, I won't give too much away.

Final note here : On the side of being a writer, I'm also a Fanfic Reader and Comic Dubber who reads fics and dubs comics, all of them made by fans with full credit going to the original creators of said works. I'm in the process of looking for voice actors and will credit you in the description for the help. Just PM if you want to help me and I'll say who I need. Currently, I'll be needing Karen, Kenny, Sheila, and Kyle for a fluffy lil K2 Christmas Comic made by Stahl. Anyways, thanks for reading everyone. Hope this brings an interesting discussion and sparks some great ideas in this community!

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