I Saw It In A Dream

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I Saw It In A Dream

Postby OwNeRz » Mon Mar 10, 2008 12:41 am

So wendy and stan get back together. But they have a problem, someone is sabatoging their dates. Then they gather their friends together to find the crook. They parody some Sherlock Holmes, some good cop, bad cop scenes, a parody of vantage point, maybe. Stan and Wendy both meet at the lake. But they both never found anyone. Then they hear a sound from the woods. Red comes out and says that it was her who sabatoging their dates. Wendy asks why, and Red tells her it's obvious. They go through a flalshback scene and find out that before Bebe went to jail, they formed a club called, GWAFS. Meaning Get Wendy Away From Stan, it turns out that all the girls from the class are a part of it. The boys then appear and attack the girls. Later the police take the girls to an insane asylum with Bebe. They do the usual thing at the scene with hot coco and blankets, then Stan asks how they knew. They say that a rumor about the club. Then the scene becomes the insane asylum, were the girls are put in the same cell as Bebe. And before it ends, the girls are argueing in the cell, then Bebe comes out of the shadows and compliments on their work, then the show ends with Bebe saying "phase one, complete". I gave it it's title, becaus I actually say "Red tries to break Stan and Wendy" in the pavement in my dream, right in front of my school.
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Re: I Saw It In A Dream

Postby buttersandikerule » Sun Mar 16, 2008 3:34 am

That's a great idea. :mrgreen: That would be a good idea for a season end. :idea:

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