Cell Phone Porn Scandal

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Cell Phone Porn Scandal

Postby ysm404 » Thu Mar 06, 2008 10:01 pm

Now, I dont know if the writers read this site at all. I really hope they do, though I realize it is unlikely. Does anyone know of an email address where I could send this idea? Or even a real address? A couple friends and I came up with an idea based off of some crazy sh*t that went down at our school. We;ve got it a planned out, infact, I've written up a letter/email to send to the writers explaining everything, and since I cant find where else to put it I figure I'll try here.

Now I dont know if any of you have heard of Parkland High School in Orefield Pennsylvania, but a few weeks ago we were in the national news. Our school was caught up in a "Underage Cell Phone Porn Scandal" if you could call it that. Here is everything that happened, and then I'll explain how it all fits in to South Park.
(I'm not using names as I want to keep confidential)
-Girl A took a nude photo on her phone.
-She sent that picture to her boyfriend.
-A friend got a hold of one of the phones and ended up sending the picture to everyone, who proceeded to send the picture to everyone else.
-Overnight everyone had seen her naked. She is a junior
-A few freshmen decide it would be a good idea to take nudes or videos and send them around on purpose (basically for attention)
-Everyone has these pictures. Everyone in our district, a ton of people in the surrounding districts.
-My one friend (a guy) gets the bright idea to take a picture and send it around to be funny, but everyone laughed at him, not with him, and just kinda didnt care.
-Next thing that goes down, a black kid gets dared to streak at a basketball game if the second string gets in (they never get in) And of course, Parkland was killing the other team so they call the second string, he streaks with nothing but a sock on his junk.
-He ends up getting expelled.
-A month goes by, everyone forgets, it all dies down.
-Then all of the sudden, its on the news. Tv, newspaper. All across the country. Its a Porn Scandal! they call it. It was really out of proportion.

Okay and heres where the episode starts. All of the kids at school get camera phones, everyone is obsessed with them. You know gotta have the best. anyway. Wendy ends up sending a nude picture to stan one day. He;s like holy crap. Later that week, Cartman gets ahold of Stans phone, finds the picture and sends it to himself. He sends it to everyone in school. Next day everyones talking about it, Wendy is embarrassed, but shes getting attention like crazy. Bebe sees the attention shes getting and send a picture around. This starts a chain of like 5 girls who take pictures and sends them around. Everyone has the pictures, even kids in North Park. Then, Craig or Clyde takes a picture to be funny and get recognition, but everyone thinks its butters since his head isnt it in. Of course butters gets grounded and goes with it. Craig gets really angry and threatens to bring a gun to school. (This never happened at Parkland, we just think it would be funny.) But everyone ignores him, making him angrier. Next it switches to a basketball game, Kyle is sitting on the bench like always. Cartman and Token are talking in the stands about how Kyle never gets in, Token says he would streak if Kyle gets in, and of course. just then the coach calls Kyle in the game. So Token goes streaking and ends up getting caught by Kyles mom. She carries him up to the Principals, and Ms Garrison brings his clothes in. They find the cell phone pictures and now all of the parents know about it. Kyles Mom rallies the parents and they shout their slogan "Tame the Token" (Their catch phrase) outside the school. (Tame the token is an adaptation to the saying "Free the Fuzz" that people wore on shirts when the streaker, named Fuzzy, got caught) Kyles mom gets arrested and sued by Tokens parents for being raciest. Kyles family loses all their money and jew gold and is forced to live with Kenny. The next few days you dont see Craig in school. One day he comes in with a gun and shoots kenny and kills him. He points the gun at Kyle and Kyle says "Can this get any worse?!" Just then Kyle wakes up, he was sleeping in class, and cant remember if it was all a dream. Just then, Craig walks in the class room and shoots kenny, just how it had just happened in his dream. Craig points the gun at Kyle and Kyle says "Can it get any worse" The scene stops there, and the next scene is everyone standing outside the school as it burns to the ground.

Now from here, the writers could do the rest of the episodes like nothing happened. Or they could run with the idea that the school is burnt to the ground.

We had this idea so long ago, and are finally getting to it. Its been in the making too long not to get a look at.

We actually heard that on the 12th the first episode of the new season with be dealing with the phone porn scandal, but I dont believe it. Basically we want some credit.

And there you have it, what do you think?
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Re: Cell Phone Porn Scandal

Postby IZSBHR » Fri Mar 07, 2008 12:09 am

I don't think they do, but if you have flash, you could take a crack at it.

It's actually a pretty good premise minus the
"Craig going postal".

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