A South Park Valentine's Special

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A South Park Valentine's Special

Postby icsws55 » Sat Jan 19, 2008 11:50 pm

I bet this would be better than the Chipmunks Valentine's Special.

Cartman wakes up one morning and has a bowl of Cocoa Puffs for breakfast, not knowing that they are spiked with a drug, which is a so-called "love potion" piece. Someone in the General Mills corporation must have accidentally dropped the drug in the cereal box.
Someone at the elementary school comes up with the idea of a Valentine's school dance, just like someone came up with the idea of a dance at elementary school in "The Simpsons." Because Cartman has the drug inside of him, he acts crazy by having a very short talk with every girl in the school and asking each one of them out to the dance. He keeps hearing "no" over and over again until he meets this one girl, who says that she would see him at the dance. Cartman wrongfully thinks that she chose to be his date at the dance.
At the dance, everybody dances to Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go." While the song is playing, Cartman has a hard time looking for this one girl, who he thinks is his date. When Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" starts playing, one girl asks Cartman to dance with her. While they dance, Cartman explains to the girl he is dancing with about how he is looking for his date. Before the song ends, the girl Cartman danced with wishes him good luck with his date. When the Genesis song "In Too Deep" starts playing, Cartman finds his so-called date. He asks her if she remembers when she chose to be his date. She gets pissed at him and tells him that she never chose to be his date. Cartman starts to yell and cuss in front of her. Then, Mr. Mackey grabs Cartman and kicks him out of the school. Mr. Mackey gives Cartman a week of detention for such aggravating behavior.
While Celine Dion's "Your Heart Will Go On And On" plays, Cartman sits on a curb of a sidewalk crying. Liane parks in front of him. She puts Cartman on her lap and asks him what's wrong.

Cartman (crying): This girl, who was gonna be my date, broke my heart. I can't believe I argued with her. Even worse, Mr. Mackey kicked me out and gave me a week of detention.
Liane (cuddling Cartman): Awwwww, you poor baby. I'll get you home and fix you some ice cream, okay sweetie pumpkin.
Cartman (still crying): Thanks, mom.

Later that night, Cartman stays up late eating ice cream while playing "Halo 3." Liane nicely tells him to get ready for bed.

While Cartman is back in school, he apologizes to the girl for arguing with her and explains why she would forgive him. Cartman and the girl choose to be friends and promise to know each other slowly. While Cartman is on his way to class, he says, "Well, at least, the dance was worth it." Then, the ending credits appear.
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Re: A South Park Valentine's Special

Postby S-O-U-T-H-P-A-R-K » Mon Jan 21, 2008 8:42 am

meh and meh
good and good
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Re: A South Park Valentine's Special

Postby SpFanMehrdad » Thu Feb 14, 2008 8:01 am

hmm....this episode id like to see

Very interesting episode :D
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Re: A South Park Valentine's Special

Postby southparkrocks339 » Mon Nov 10, 2008 10:48 pm

What would also be good as a valentine special:

Cartman wakes up on Valentines Day. He is exited that it is on Saturday. He brushes his teeth and gets dreesed and all other sh*t like that. As he walks out the front door, he runs back in to get $1,000, (which will be explained later) and goes back outside. Cartman goes to the Weapon Shop and buys an AK-47. When he buys the AK-47, he goes to the Video Game store to buy Stan a new Xbox game. Then he puts it in a bag and goes to Stan's house. Before he walks on Stan's lawn, he hides his AK-47. Then he gives stan the Video Game. After walking about a block or so, he loads his AK-47 and shoots randomly at people. The police start chasing him and Cartman blows the crap out of them, including ther police cars. As Police Helicopters start chasing him, he gets ambushed and gets arrested. Then he is shown on the news while Cartman's mom is wathing it. She passes out because she is so frightened. In jail, Cartman tries to turn on his lamp and sees it doesn't work. Then he notices it feels strange. The lightbulb was replaced with dynamite. Cartman slowly smiles, which then turns into a laugh. He sticks the dynamite to the wall and lights it. He stands back and watches it blow up. Then he escapes and runs for his life. As he runs to the street, a police officer runs infront of him. Cartman slips and knocks down the police officer. Cartman grabs the police officer's gun and steals an SUV. He drives at 80 MPH down the street. Coming to a turn, a S.W.A.T member shoots the windshield of the SUV Cartma is driving in. Cartman looses control and crahes into a house. Un-injured, he grabs his gun and gets out of the car. Then Kenny sees Cartman down the street, but doesn't see the gun. Kenny says "Hi" to him, but Cartman accedentaly shoots Kenny. Then Cartman stops and says "Oh my god". He drops his gun and looks at Kenny's courpse. Then Cartman gets shot in the arm and gets arrested AGAIN. He is driven to the Hospital. In the Hospital, Cartman gets a meal. As he takes a bite, it blows out confetti. Then Kyle jumps out and trows a plastic heart that says "Happy Valentines Day" at Cartman. Cartman grabs the heart and throws it like a frisbee and rips Kyle's leg clean off, as Cartman says "ITS NOT THE F***ING TIME FOR THIS KYLE! IM IN THE HOSPITAL CAN'T YOU SEE S***FACE?!" As he finishes yelling at him, Kyle falls of the bed and bleeds. Cartman flips Kyle off. After that, he throws the tray of food at him. And that's how the episode ends.
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Re: A South Park Valentine's Special

Postby icsws55 » Tue Dec 02, 2008 8:47 pm

Sounds like a good idea. If there is gonna be a South Park Valentines special once every February, we could report our valentine's special ideas to Stone and Parker, the south park creators. They might decide which one is gonna premiere on February and which one is gonna premiere a year from February. Or they might premiere both specials in the same February.

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