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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby JamesPup » Tue Oct 13, 2015 9:39 pm

Staying Clean
So there is the problem of too many trees being cut down and of the effects of that on the environment. So then some enviro fag comes up with a way to save to rain forests… it is to have someone lick your assh*le clean after a sh*t instead of using toilet paper. So now Americans are licking each other clean. Europeans are speechless as I think they or some of them have an extra toilet that squirts water up their ass.

Racist sh*t
So is there anyone for Mr. Hankey to compete with? So what about a new poo character called Racist sh*t the White Supremacy poo. This poo character is of course racist. It is popular at first and I don’t know if it has a holiday but I guess it could be all the days to celebrate like Hitler’s birthday and days reflective of the KKK and the like. Cartman will love this character. Kyle is upset about this because he loves Mr. Hankey which came out of his ass. Also Racist sh*t could have come out of Cartman’s ass or maybe Anders Breivik’s or a KKK leaders. It would be fun to see how PC Principal would deal with this character. Also Racist sh*t would make the KKK popular again and also Nazism in Europe. How will this end? Can Christmas beat White Supremacy? Santa could make an appearance and maybe Satan lets Hitler climb out of people’s ovens or something and kill Jews and decorate people’s houses with swastikas and other fun crazy stuff. Or maybe just put people he doesn’t like in the oven?

So can we please see South Park joke on her??? I think of how she has a movie coming out. Also isn’t this girl at all horny? I think joking on how tingly her coochy is would be the best approach. Like she always says if she met a Taliban again she would tell him her name but what if she is so horny that she says f*ck me or something like that? Maybe that could be that joke is that she keeps letting it slip that she wants to get banged and hard in every public speaking she does.

PC Principal
So I saw this story over the last few days. ... li=BBgzzfc
So what if PC Principal hypnotizes people and they kill themselves? It would be fun seeing PC Principal take it hard and maybe off himself. It could be a trick on him like faking Butters death again. PC Principal in jail or gunned down by police would be Niicccceee.

Back to the Future
So the part of this episode I want to talk about would be how a character traveled to the future which we don’t know the way it will be. So it would have the character do that but in the future all the people would be bi-racial and bi-sexual. So the character would captured as he would be white and no one else was and it would be a crime to be white. And then the character would be subjected to rape by both men and women and forced to breed with bi-racial women. This seems like the fun part of the episode. It would also be funny to have funny predictions of sports teams winning and other crazy things that no one would be able to guess just so that people would talk about this episode during the year the South Park character travels too.

So this episode would joke on that there is a secret theory that is that it was the actual location of a peoples that is what turned them into blacks, Orientals, whites and of course gingers. It would have that all peoples in countries start to have children or just themselves start to turn into the race that once inhabited a region and are seen as the natives to that area. So all American’s would turn into Indians or Native American’s. Will anyone be able to find a cure and how would Cartman react? Remember how he was when he was a ginger! It would have people killing themselves and also accepting who they now are and living lives bases on the stereotypes that there are about different peoples. There would have to be some that wish to turn back and so unlikely allies are formed and the search for a cure is underway. But will they be able to find one before their brains just make them accept who they now are?
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby JamesPup » Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:41 pm

Mr. Slave Joins The Vatican
So Mr. Slave is inspired to join the Catholic Church but his intensions are left unknown but quickly rises in the ranks for no reason. The secret is he gives up his ass to every male there. Is the world ready for Mr. Slave to start leading all Christians?

Bi-Racial People Saying They Are European.
So what about how you meet someone who is clearly not white and they keep saying they are European because one of their parents happened to be white. How confusing are these people? If you are not white skinned I don’t get why you would go around saying that but I guess there must be millions of people living in Europe who get away with it.

Ass Full Of Love
People learn to freeze their sh*t and then stuff it back up with asses. Not sure why people would do this but the idea of people not wanting to lose something they made and that is their property and a part of them as a reason. Maybe because these people are pack rats?

Bernie Sanders (Edit I wrote this idea before SNL had it on TV)
So this guy reminds me of Larry David. It would be funny to see him joked on like Larry’s Curb Your Enthusiasm and with its theme music. (Edit even though SNL did it and better by having Larry David it would still be funny to see this taken on).

Justin Bieber Nude
So could Bieber be reincarnated at all so we can see him deal with his nudes? Maybe he is upset about it. But his reason which is revealed is that he loves that gay men and young boys are looking yet he is gay and doesn’t like females bating to his pictures.

So I don’t know how these things work but I guess they have wheels. I think I saw a guy at college with one. Anyways it would be nice to see this on the show in some way. Seems like a cool gift and the kids with them would be fun. I don’t know what the problem would be of people having them but still the idea is cool.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby mo303564 » Wed Oct 21, 2015 1:11 am

Okay I hope someone is listening, because if South Park wants to see what the world "Currently" looks's an idea...and I don't think you're gonna like it! :shock:

In New Hampshire (Where I live) Drug use is rampid. We've had heroin overdoes galore and yes....some deaths....including my cousin. :cry: So while I mention that....the government is trying to push a "Cover Drug" called Narcin. This drug will bring them back to life after basic death from Heroin and other dangerous drugs. So much so that now they are even considering lending some to TRUANT officers in MIDDLE SCHOOL!! Yes, this is how out of control drugs are, when they are dealing to kids basically the same age as Stan and Kenny etc. Needles are everywhere...people are dealing...and some are KILLING themselves!! It's become tragic, and I wish South Park could bring a "light" into this issue thanks.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby mo303564 » Wed Oct 21, 2015 1:15 am

Oh....and if we could do an episode on Pope Francis coming to America, but then after leaving the U.S. he learns antics and styles that make him more like the devil (based upon how we live) and then he destroy's the "Rome" Version of the Catholic Church and gets slightly evil and stuff too....that'd be grreeatt!! :o :P :mrgreen: :twisted:
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby JVM » Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:57 am

When did this section get closed off? It's obviously really spammy but I thought with today's Creek-related announcement it'd be worth an early s19e06 speculation topic.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby JamesPup » Sun Oct 25, 2015 2:10 pm

JVM wrote:When did this section get closed off? It's obviously really spammy but I thought with today's Creek-related announcement it'd be worth an early s19e06 speculation topic.
Are you talking about creating a s19e06 thread? I'd agree to have one as I just saw this ... oi-fan-art

Looks like characters being gay is what the next episode will be about and fighting for girls. I guess Craig really is gay and maybe Tweek and Slash too.

I wish I could draw as I would love to draw up this stuff, I think Milo and Angus could do this. It would be so great to see their gay art on the show!

I think that all creation of new threads in Spoilers/New Episode Discussion is something mods and admins can do.

What is a creek related announcement? Are you talking about the gay Japanese art South Park wants?

I think someone that can should create a new thread for everyone to talk about the new episode s19e6 and they can rename it later if they want.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby JamesPup » Sun Oct 25, 2015 3:25 pm

So Creek is Craig and Tweek sexual pictures. I didn't know that!

So at the Yaoi page there is "Out this link" to read. Here is a link to that page

It looks like people can't summit other peoples Creek art or they will get into trouble. I was thinkin about doing that too.

It doesn't say anything about nudity and sex but I guess characters can be naked but no gay touching or organisms. I really don't know the child protection laws on minors and art of them but there could really be some people that could get arrested so I wish South Park would clarify this up for us.

So it says no pornographic art yet Yaoi is romantic and sexual. It is confusing to me as having an adult Slash and two 4th grade boys being romantic or sexual would be pornographic.

I guess they want like blushing pics? I guess a nude but no touching or insinuation that any would happen would work. I guess hugging and kissing would work. I mean this is South Park where Butters is naked a lot and We've seen Wendy's nipples and minors have sex with adults. This is really a grey area to me. I think the word pornographic should be more defined as what is allowed to be drawn and submitted.
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby JamesPup » Tue Oct 27, 2015 9:07 pm

Autistic Character
Sesame Street is having a character with autism in a video game for kids so what about a new special needs kid? It could be just good old Timmy and he uses this app and now is all about sharing it with others and using it to become popular. PC Principal makes sure people don’t shame Timmy and so will this ever end?

Nazi Dolls
So a Chinese company has started selling dolls of Germany soccer captain Bastian Schweinsteiger dressed as a Nazi. So this type of thing happening to better know people and Americans would be better for some good humor. It would be China creating dolls and merchandise of American celebrities and politicians but as villainous characters from history and TV and movies.

Star Wars Politicians
So Ukraine has had a past of late of people wearing Star Wars costumes running for office. So what about Garrison wearing a Star Wars costume and then it causes all of the other candidates to wear ones as well as it gains Garrison popularity. I wonder who they all would be and who would Jenner be?

60’s 70’s 80’s South Park
What would it be like to have an episode that shows what the show would be like during another time period? This would accomplish that. All stereotypes would be used to show off the characters from another time in appearance and behaviors and speech… meaning everything would be old school.

So a kid at school is failing in school and so Wendy and Kyle have to team up to teach this kid how do well in school as a new punishment instead of detention. If it is Ike there could be Ike wanting sex from Wendy. Some sexual harassment would be great and Kyle just doesn’t know what to do because Dude it’s his little bro.

Bikini Carwash
So lots of the 4th grade girls decide to raise money so they start up a carwash. The business does well but it makes the boys jealous. So they decide to start a carwash too but it attracts the wrong crowd. Not like the girls didn’t get their fair share of perverts. Who will win with boys vs girls in who can make the most money doing sh*t work? Also some sort of showing of skin and nakedness would have to be done to gain customers.

I Be 21?!
So the kids all experiment with fake ID’s and start drinking out at bars. Hell one of them even gets some girl pregnant. Than the boys figure out to go gambling at the casino as their new Asian teacher had taught them statistics and so now they were great at gambling. Can they survive this new ruff and dangerous ride with death? Maybe Stan could beat his Grandpa at poker and get it from papa? Also PC Principal could teach the kids to play games that help make places a positive area. Like he teaches the Goth Kids to play Tombstone hold em. Nothing beats a gambling Goth!

Clock Boy
So Clock Boy is Ahmed Mohamed and is the kid who “built” a clock that got him arrested by a teacher that thought it was a bomb. Still this kid has recently said he is moving to Qatar. Qatar is not a nice place so why not joke on this kid or have someone do something similar to what Ahmed did. I can’t help but feel he will join ISIS or Al-Qaida in the future. It could show how PC Principal supported a child who was abused like the clock boy and then the kid starts killing people because he joined ISIS. It causes many other kids like this one to do the same thing.

So ever have to put up with PC assh*les who will when you give a girl a compliment or something that they blurt out some sort of anti- rape or sex stuff? I find to call them Ligers as the lie is about wanting to f*ck the same the chick and of their denial or postponing of said f*ck and then because a tiger as the word is used to describe someone who likes to have sex. It would work great with making fun of PC Principal and bi-racial’s and PC jerks.

The Man In The High Castle
This is a book and now a TV show. It shows the Nazi Third Reich taking over the east of the US and Japan taking over the West coast. It would be great to see what the US would be like if this happened on South Park.

No Play With Playboy
So I heard that Playboy will not have any more naked pictures soon. How will the world still turn? But really does anyone really read porno mags anymore? I haven’t looked at one in over 13 years.

Hitler But No Braun???
So I really want to see Eva Braun on South Park. She could be shown with Hitler in hell. How is it that she is not with him? It is sad to think as they did love each other. Also if I ever get a custom avatar I hope someone with South Park Studios will be able to create me one of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun holding hands and kissing or something like that. It would help more if the show just has a scene like this and then I can just use that one!
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Re: New Episode ideas[post here ur ideas too]

Postby JamesPup » Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:26 am

Down Syndrome Illness
So what if North Korea issues an ultimatum to the US yet again but this time it is a video of Americans who are prisoners and then they are told to drink some water. The water has a new plague that turns people into retards. The prisoners start acting like idiots and North Korea says this will happen to you. So the US takes this not seriously at all. North Korea then releases the plague into the US water system and so all of the US slowly turns into retards. There is a resistance force that is constructed where they drink anything that is from before the plague was released. Now people learn that there is a cure in North Korea and so this small group of people must invade North Korea and find the cure. Also it would be nice if the retards are like Zombies and so if they bite you which retards do that you become retarded also. Being retarded would result in you sh*tting yourself and talking incoherently.

Gender Neutral Toys And The Like
So I see lots of stories of places creating gender neutral areas in their stores and of parents letting their kids wear the opposite sexes clothes and such. So I guess this could go good with Ike and even the 4th graders. Seeing that South Park is soooo PC that everyone wears the opposite sexes clothes and plays with their toys and sh*t would be work. There would have to be a negative to this to get people to not do this or this could just carry on to the next episode.

Jimmy Fallon and Suicide
So Fallon is always getting injured and so why not joke on that and say he is on purpose hurting himself. Why he is doing it I don’t know. Maybe he could be part of a cult.

PC Religion/Writing of History
So this has not been done yet. So maybe PC Principal has to tell the whole school or a couple of the boys a history story that deals with religion but the whole thing is PC so it doesn’t make any sense. Also why not deal with how every school book will have to be authored or about some minority group. Like written or about Jews, blacks, or white LBGT members. So as a consequence no one at school can deal with reading any of the books. The books can be overdone by being full of PC gibberish. People don’t understand what they are reading. They could be from a new PC company that produces this type of toxic material to read. This also could carry onto the next episode. It would be nice for there to be an opposition to the PC books and teachings.

How Will the PC Stuff End?
How about if all the minorities and groups just start to say they have had enough of all the PC bull. This could lead to fights and destruction. After all of it things go back to normal. There could also be a vote by South Park to see if it will stay PC or not brought about by minorities. OC is supposed to protect minority groups so the joke is that they can’t deal with all the sh*t anymore. It could end showing how much the minorities wished they had PC life back has there are hate crimes rampant against them

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