Tips for Matt and Trey of how to name some Unnamed Characters

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Tips for Matt and Trey of how to name some Unnamed Characters

Postby Israelite Wolfman » Thu Dec 19, 2019 5:03 am

6th Grader Leader can be Troy Bowers.
The 6th Grader with Brown Hat can be Andy Dickman.
The 6th Grader with Green Hat can be Tony McCollum.
Girl with Pink Coat can be Stephanie Phillips.
Unnamed Brown Haired Boy can be Tom Saltzman.
Recess Supervisor can be Martha Stern.
Girls' Volleyball Coach can be Marsha Adams.

Medics and Scientists
Therapist can be Dr. Floyd Martens.
Hellpass Hospital Older Doctor can be Dr. Willson Cooper (his design reminds me of that House M.D. character).
Senior AIDS researcher can be Owen Sullivan.
Black Haired Scientist can be Fred McCarthy.
Unplanned Parenthood Counselor can be Donna Rose.

Weight Gain 4000 Ad Actor can be Jacob McFatso.
Goo Man can be Vincent Rice (nod to Vincent Price).
Cameraman from "Weight Gain 4000" can be Steve DeLoise.

Jewish characters
Park County Courthouse Judge can be Sandra Patricia Oviedo.
Museum of Tolerance Guide can be Rachel Grossman.
Devitzen's Tolerance Camp Warden can be Lawrence Ashkenazi.

Old Farmer can be Arthur O'Neal.
Mailman can be Robert Tusk.
Skeeter's Friends: the taller one can be "Melvin Snyder" and the stocky one can be "Earl Sourpuss".
Bartender can be Eric Ernest.
Karate Instructor can be Toshio "Nunchaku" Shida.
Obese Woman Shopper ("kiss my fat vagina") can be Thelma Fergusson; and to be used in the same manner as "How dare you??!" Hippo-lady from "Rocko's Modern Life".
Teenager Girl with Blue Hood can be Evelyn Sanders.
Michael Jackson fan can be Tyron Van Cleat.
Wrestling Tryout Participant with Brown Hair can be Todd Oswald.
Unnamed Black Vampire can be Kendrick Fanggs.
Man with brown jacket can be Martin Lillard.
Unnamed Interior Designer can be Cathryn Porter.
Runaway Girls: The black haired can be: "Veronica Smith" and the blonde one can be "Denise Cole".
Garden Owner can be Daniel Simms.
Russian Taxi Driver can be Sergey Cabski.

Two Farmers: thin one can be "Flynn Hayward" and the bulkier one can be "Jedediah Whittaker".
Redneck with Brown Shirt can be Nate Cosgrove.
Truck Driver can be Trevor Davis.
Redneck with Brown Hair and White Shirt can be Dennis Roadman (pun of Dennis Rodman).

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