Best Character Exit

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Best Character Exit

Postby JVM » Mon Dec 10, 2018 8:42 am

Despite "South Park"'s leniency with long-term continuity, most character deaths beyond Kenny have been affected as permanent -- Grandma Cartman, Ms. Crabtree, Chef, Ted the aide, Pip, Tom Cruise, Betsy Donovan, Leslie, Satan and likely Ned -- in addition to a few passings intended as permanent that did not last, such as Kenny (s5) and Jesus. The show has explored in recent years the option of formally retiring, rather than killing, older characters, with Dr. Mephesto, Principal Victoria, Officer Barbrady and more recently, Mr. Hankey, seeming to suffer this fate. (For the purposes of this thread, only these semi-formal examples, where it's somewhat written into the show, count.)

Which of these character departures do you think were better, and which were worse? The question is more about the exit itself and how it was written, not so much about whether or not the character should have been removed or not, although you're welcome to share your thoughts on that; do try to answer the primary question first.

Although Dr. Mephesto returned for "201", it marked his only speaking appearance since the fourth season, and Trey and Matt have formally referred to the character in an interview as retired, iirc; the latter appearance consequently mentioned his efforts to be "left alone".
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Re: Best Character Exit

Postby Big-Will » Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:03 am

We found out tonight that Ned survived, and ManBearPig let one get away. :)
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