Favorite Super Hero Persona?

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Favorite Super Hero Persona?

Postby Det. Sandy Vagina » Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:43 pm

With the new game coming up, and the fact that the Coon & Friends episodes are great, we couls simply name our favorite hero and why we chose them. Just because, let's use ones created just for the game.

The Coon (Cartman)
Mysterion (Kenny)
The Human Kite (Kyle)
Toolshed (Stan)
Mosquito (Clyde)
Tupperware (Token)
Mint-Berry Crunch (Bradley)
Iron Maiden (Timmy)
Professor Timothy (New Timmy hero)
Super Craig (Craig)
Wonder Tweek (Tweek)
Fast Pass (Jimmy)
Professor Chaos (Butters)
Captain Diabetes (Scott)
Call Girl (Wendy)

So natrualy Coon, Mysterion ans Chaos are gonna get the majority of fans. And I can see why. Heck, Professoe Chaos is probably my favorite since I love seeing Butters trying to be a villain, but he's still so darn sweet. Plus I like the design of Chaos a lot. BUT aside from that, Kyle as Human Kite is the winner. It's a really unique and strange idea... And I love it. Like, a human kite? Lol.

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