Animators, Please

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Animators, Please

Postby JVM » Sat May 22, 2021 4:17 am

I am going to put this out there because I'm hardly active here anymore but a part of me still suspects the animators kinda peek at the board here and there.

If Dr. Mephesto could be inserted into a PTA meeting scene someday, even if it's just in the background - being placed clearly among other parents as a fellow parent - I would appreciate that sh*t a lot guys. Like throwing Filmore's Dad into the Zoom meeting in the Pandemic Special that was a cool easter egg, and I'm just asking for something like that.

It'd be cool to see Skeeter, Bill and Fosse's dads, Mr. Anderson, Timmy's dad, maybe Yates since he has a kid - but whatever, I know Terrance might be dead, who knows since he keeps showing up - but it'd just be cool to get it as a dumb little easter egg.
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A dumb little request for any animators browsing here.

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