Rules of the BBS. UPDATED: 2/12/06

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Rules of the BBS. UPDATED: 2/12/06

Postby nall » Tue Aug 02, 2005 3:07 am

We have condensed the various posts about BBS rules and added some new ones. Please note that if you do not follow these rules, you may lose posting privileges or your post(s) may be deleted.

The Rules:

1. Please use some semblance of spelling and grammar. This is not a cellphone text message/chat talk/short hand.

2. Thou shalt not use this divine message board as a chatroom or IM. If you want to talk to one person, use private messages. To talk to a lot of people, use our chatroom.

3. Do not double post. Use the edit button if you need to add information.

4. Do not harrass users, and respect others opinions.

5. Check to see if a topic exists before starting a new one! It is always better to post in an existing topic. (check my signature for link)

6. Thou Shalt put topics in the right Forum

7. No multiple names.


9. Do not abuse the emoticon feature.

10. Use common sense.

11. Have fun.

Update: 2/12/06

12. Any threads starting off with a request to reply via email will either be locked or deleted.

13. Don't post threads asking us to ban someone. Report the member to one of the admins (nall, jolon). Moderators can't do anything about spammers and such. If the admins don't do anything about the offending member, don't start threads about how much you hate him.

14. Do not post pictures or link to pictures of obscene nature. IE: Porn, gore pictures, death pictures, any picture involving "ingesting of bodily fluids', or anything of similar nature.

List compiled by coffeeguy9, nall, Big-Will, and Brave_Sir_Ribbit

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