Cat Orgy Season 3 The refridgerator note!!!

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Cat Orgy Season 3 The refridgerator note!!!

Postby Just like Cartman » Tue Mar 31, 2009 4:39 am

When Shelly demands that Eric go into the kichen and make her something to eat he reluctantly heads to the refridgerator but can't reach the handle. Shelly says "Figure it out turd" so Cartman grabs a chair and then reaches the note left by his mother for the baby-sitter. (Shelly) When reading it Eric says "Any problems contact Eric's mother at 301-555-1234" but when the note is panned by the camera it actually reads "Any problems contact Cartman's mom at 303-555-1234 hence the bloopper lies in the name Eric when written it is really Cartman. :D

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