Chickenpox season 2 episode 10 Kyle is Hitler

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Chickenpox season 2 episode 10 Kyle is Hitler

Postby Skanthunt43 » Sun Jun 06, 2021 1:12 am

Anyone ever notice how in season 2 episode 10 Kyle's Dad reads a school assignment Kyle has written entitled "My final solution " in it Kyle talks about how he wants to put all the poor and lower class into camps so that there would only be wealthy people or "Gods" from that point on Kyle's dad never addresses this with Kyle or even brings up the subject and it's just left blank. Could this be intentional is it possible that Kyle is Hitler ? Maybe a mistake in the show ? Are Matt stone and Trey Parker Elitists I don't know but it's a little off.
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Re: Chickenpox season 2 episode 10 Kyle is Hitler

Postby Big-Will » Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:01 pm

You noticed his reactions when he read the paper, right?
"Oh God. What have I done?!"
He noticed Kyle got the wrong message from his lecture earlier in the episode. Where Gerald was talking about the reason even poor people are necessary to the rest of us...
I spent a lot of time going to law school, and I was able to go because I have a slightly higher intellect than others. But I still need people to pump my gas, and make my French fries, and fix my laundry machine when it breaks down.

Kenny's family is happy just the way they are, and we're all a functioning part of America.
...Kyle heard this instead:
I wanna live in a world of only gods, so my idea to make America better is put all the poor people into camps. If we get rid of them, there will be nothing but rich people. And there won't be any hunger, poverty, or homeless people. 'Cause they'll all be dead. The end.
Not at all the message he wanted to get across, and it also reminded him of the Holocaust. He thought it better not to talk to Kyle about the paper. Instead, he apologized to Stuart at the end, when all the kids and adults had gathered to discuss the chicken pox the kids were treated for.
Stuart, I think I owe you an apology. I realize that I shouldn't be so cold towards people that are less fortunate than me.
Hopefully, Kyle got the right message that time.
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