Murder City (Mofia Game) [OPEN]

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Murder City (Mofia Game) [OPEN]

Postby KuruKuruMegie » Mon Oct 08, 2012 2:17 pm

i been figuring this out for awhile now and i came up with this game!!!!

Mofia Rules:

- If you want to be Mofia plz MESSAGE ME!!!
- Game starts 2 weeks after the post so get ready!!!
- Up to 50 people per game
- If u not active for a week i will delete you from the game.
- i will only allow 5 Mofia in the game, the rest are citizens.
- in the sign up u have to put down ur location so that the most said will be the town chosen!!
- i will be picking the narrator by random, plz don't get mad if i didn't choose you!!!
- follow the guidelines or i will kick you automatically from the game
- when the game starts, the Mofia MUST choose a person in the game to be killed (not in rl obviously!!!)
- when the mofia get killed or all of the citizens are down i will start a new round fo players!!!

I will start getting people now, toodles!!!
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