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Jay C
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Postby Jay C » Tue Jun 13, 2006 5:48 pm

kylelover52610 wrote:You have got to be f*ckin kidding me. A thread about Marijuana....
Pathetic, pathetic pathetic pathetic. T_T;

Ok, Foamy, help me out here.....
Neurotically Yours: Episode # 082 : Drugs In Your Head

Now this is going to be a touchy subject for all you potheads. All you f*cking bastards are lobbying to legalize medicinal marijuana. I’ll tell you right now, these people do not give two sh*ts about the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana. They just want to get high and not get bothered by the cops. That’s all it is. Don’t… let ‘em… fool you. All right.

And I’m sick and tired of “well blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah, marijuana” and “do you know… they can make… jeans… out of hemp. Very durable clothing… can be made out of hemp.” Yeah, and it feels like f*cking burlap you dumbass. Who the hell wants to walk around in something that feels like a potato sack? Maybe you do, I don’t.

And when they usually interview the head guy at these organizations it’s usually some f*cking hacky-sack playing dumbass with f*cking beady little red eyes lying through their f*cking teeth and giggling like an idiot.

Don’t give me the “it’s a legitimate form of medicine.” Yeah, Great, Just what our healthcare system needs. A bunch of broke, potheads running into every f*cking hospital they see trying to get free medicinal marijuana, paid for by taxpayers so they can get high Because they came up with some f*cking stupid dumbass fake disease. “My eye hurts. Give me some pot, doc.” Yeah OK. You know what you do? You light up a joint and put it out in their eye. That’s my prescribed use for medicinal marijuana.

I’m sick and tired of people saying, “Well it relieves stress.” You people are the worst. One, your weak willed. Two, you’re f*cking pathetic. “Oh I had a stressful day so I gotta have some pot.” Give me a f*cking break. OK, you people just can’t deal with reality and that’s your f*cking problem. I don’t give two sh*ts about, “Oh I had a stressful day”, Big f*cking deal. The rest of the world had a stressful day, all right. It’s called life. Deal with it. And then they try to throw that sh*t right back at ya. “Well I’m sure you have some addictions, might be caffeine.” Ah yeah… all of a sudden I had a cup of coffee and I’m a f*cking addict. Oh, Oh yeah cream cheese too. Look out. “Getting’ high on the cream cheese.” You f*cking daft bastards.

And since we’re on the topic of drugs, let’s move on up… To the crack heads. And all these other motherf*ckers who have to deal with some kind of foreign substance just to get through the day. You know, this is the problem with society. Everybody’s gotta have to have a f*cking quick fix. Why don’t you people just say, “you know what, this is life, life is not enjoyable. Fine I had a stressful day. You know what, I’m going to go home and sleep.” No. I gotta whip out the crack and have six lines. Nice. You people are pathetic and I hope you get shot in the head in a drug bust gone wrong. You want to talk about a stressful day, try having a bullet removed from your head. That is stressful.

And don’t think I’m picking on the “illegal drug users.” What about all you f*cking parents out there that are on, you know, fifteen thousand medications, For depression… for Post- whatever. Oh, “I’m not happy, maybe I’m manic depressive” Lighten up. Give me a f*cking break, no one deals with their own emotions anymore. And that’s the best. These parents who lecture their children about doing pot, yet they’re swallowing a bunch of anti-depressants and chasing it with alcohol. Nice. Stop being hypocritical, you dumb bastards. You want to lecture your kids you have to be in the right position to do it. You don’t say “One moment molly, I’ve got to go get my anti-depressants and I’ll be right back to talk to you about your drug problems” Yeah… Doesn’t anybody see the irony in that? You f*cking idiots.

And it’s like the majority of America is on some kind of prescribed whatever. Like I went to the doctor and he said, “You know what you should take? You should take this and this and this. And that will take care of your runny nose of yours.” Well why don’t I just wait for my natural immune system to take over the virus and kill it. “Oh, Well I guess you could do that, but here is the prescription just in case.” Yeah bullsh*t. Do you realize how many side effects there are? I swear to god, one said, side effects may include hallucinations. I’d rather have the runny nose. Fine I may have some snot on my upper lip, but at least I’m not seeing Elvis in my refrigerator. Damn it.

And especially you f*ckers that are already on this sh*t. Don’t try pushing it off on people who doesn’t want it. Like your kid. “Maybe bobby’s got some attention deficit disorder.” You know what. Maybe the disorder lies with the parent and not the child. OK. Take a good look in the mirror and figure it out. If you don’t know, and need help: Watch this again.

Stop with the Drugs. Drugs in your head.

Copyright: Jonathan Ian Mathers: 2005.
Ok, not all of you needed that, but some of you do. I mean, I don't wanna be a stick in the mud but Goddamn.... >.>

Heh... thanks for posting that. Yeah, I used to smoke it myself, and enjoyed it while I was at it. But I've stopped. I realised that since I stopped, my attention span's improved a lot, I can concentrate on more than one thing slightly better than I used to, (I used to go blank a couple months ago.) and I generally feel healthier. The main reason I stopped though is that it's in my religion to be totally clean of all drugs/alcohol, and because I'm officially joining a 'sect' of it when I turn 16, I might as well get off of doing it all early. I don't mind other people smoking it though, as I actually sell it myself.

The other main reason I like that you posted that is because it gave me some awesome ideas for material when I'm on my stand up course. =P

One thing though:

kylelover52610 wrote:You have got to be f*ckin kidding me. A thread about Marijuana....

This is an internet message board, and an extremly popular one at that. So, what's so surprising about a marijuana thread on a message board for a show like South Park? Come on...
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Postby KennyStanWendyFan » Tue Jun 13, 2006 9:48 pm

Foamy kicks ass.
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Postby Paladoris » Tue Jun 13, 2006 11:37 pm

Sometimes it just helps to vent. Hope that did it for ya. "Oo, the word 'marijuana', I have grievances with things relating to that so I'm just gonna talk for awhile." At least when you're high you realize that half the things you're saying are bullsh*t. At the end of the day there's people you can get along with and people that piss you off. Some of each have vices like pot that help them cope. If you're lucky, it ends with that and you don't have to tolerate them spewing their crap on you. Most of the time it won't because everyone's got their own self-centered vision of the world and they just can't wait to shout it from the hills and reform everyone to the 'right' way to live (sound familiar?). It's not the difference between 'druggies' being annoying and everyone else, because MOST people are annoying, and MOST people are pretty dumb, and SOME of those people take drugs. It's all big pieces of a horrible, horrible pie that you choke down whichever way you can stomach. For most druggies, it just helps to daydream for awhile.
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Postby Aym_Dand » Wed Jun 14, 2006 5:15 am

kylelover52610 wrote:KyleBenoit, listen, I really like oyu, you are very nice.
But I still think this is extremely pathetic and retarded, to have a poll, about Marijuana. It is illegal for a reason, I cannot stand potheads. I used to be like, "whatever I don't care" but after meeting this one at skool, I just lost it.

He's 19, does not understand half the words I say, lazy, ANNOYING, and all her ever does is talk about pot, and how I should smoke.

*lights up a joint and jams it in his ear* T.T

I am at the end of my rope. I like in the city, and that is all I ever encounter. So forgive me for going off, but I really really REALLY hate Marijuana....

Blah blah blah, my name is kylelover56210 and I have a giant rod up my ass.
I probably would have just put the f*cking lotion in the basket.
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Postby pesk » Wed Jun 14, 2006 11:25 am

Could someone please tell me how much hash costs in america?
The show SOUTH PARK is a joke, every single person on this site takes it WAY WAY WAY too seriously. I cannot make you stop but i can advise you to GET A LIFE. I respect your opinions and i'm just giving you mine.
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Postby tase_me » Thu Jun 15, 2006 3:39 am

Wow. WOW!! A great thing just happened to me.

Let me start from the beginning. A couple of days ago, me and my brother were all out of weed. We just had leftover day, and invented quite a fun game called treasure hunting where you unwrap all the leftover foil, and whoever finds more weed in theirs gets the first hit. Well, we used it all up. I hadn't gotten high in i guess 2 days, and I really wanted my brother to get some (he's the one that buys, he knows the dude.) Well, he came back, and he showed me the stuff he just bought.

I layed eyes upon 4 of the biggest, most beautiful nugs ever. They were huge, and they had orange sh*t going through them. Combined with a few smaller buds, they costed 40 dollars. I've never had any of the big nugs before, but I knew that if there's red or orange sh*t, they are good quality stuff. I was so excited about smoking them!

Yesterday night i smoked some, and i got the best high ever, but it pales in comparison to the one i did today.

Well, at about 3:30 today, (i am still a bit out of it as i am writing this!) my mom left, so we were able to smoke some. This was the first time we smoked from the big fat nugs, and we broke off a reasonable portion. I took some big, fat, great hits.

When it really hit me, this is how it was:
I felt like i went into a completely different place from reality. The only thing that existed was me, my mind or whatever, and the stuff I perceived in front ot me. What i perceived was my vision, and everything in it united into one plane, one surface, flat, in front of me. I was completely seperate from the plane of my vision, as if i was standing in front of it, just looking at it, and not part of it. It felt as if my mind and the plane of my vision were just floating through space, floating in another dimension that i couldnt see.

I was there. I was in that moment. I, and the vision plane were the only things that existed. The two of us made up the entire universe. There was nothing else. It was a feeling like i was in my entirely own little world, like all up in my head. It was as if I and the vision plane froze in time, like we were in the real time zone, almost in an infinite moment.

I almost lost complete sense of who i was. At times I was not a person, not Emily, but a great thing, a great huge thing that wasn't part of the world at all, but simply observed it. I observed everything without interacting with it. I felt so completely different than i did in real life, and i felt this was truly psychedelic. I felt like i had reached that psychedelic state. It wasnt real at all. I was like, "is this how it really is? Is this how it has been forever?" It was the great rebirth feeling that I got, and have been trying to get, the first time i smoked weed. Time was very distorted, and it was like time didnt exist at all, but there was only one moment. One moment that lasted forever.

Then there was what i saw in the vision plane. Everything was so screwed up, It was wonderful. It just seemed like a random array of objects, some blurry yet some clear, all in this completely weird way. Some things would pop out at me yet others would be completely blurred. It seemed like everything was moving in all different directions. Things moved in front of me, then set into a position. Slight colorful patterns moved across all parts of my vision. It was indescribable, and so extremely weird and beautiful.

Probably the best thing though, was realizing i was there. Reaching that point of being in that surreal place but knowing you are there, and being aware of everything that was happening. Realizing it and being so amazed that this had been going on. It sort of felt like i was looking through the world from farther back in my mind, it is hard to explain. I think that is the truly high point.

The most intense feeling i got like this, and i think it was my peak, was when i was in my upstairs hallway. My brother was sitting there, and i was trying to describe to him what was happening with me. I kept repeating, "I am here! I am here!" I was completely immersed in the present moment, and I knew i was there. Layers and layers of realizing this surreal extacy piled upon me, and i became so filled with an unexplainable happiness. Euphoria! I have never felt that happy before. It was partially from knowing the wonders of what was happening to me, but the other part was just for no reason, perhaps a great enhancement of my original happines. It was like everything was glowing in front of me, and it seemed like i was in a heavenly place. Looking back it seems like it was just one bright glowing blur. But now i realize it was just the dark dull hallway.

This sense of knowing i was "there" continued to when i was sitting in my room, and i was reaching up to the ceiling, whispering "yes! yes! yes!" How could this be? How am i like this? I was just there. It was as if i was seeing the world, world wouldn't really describe it, but my being, like from the top of my mind. Like i was only my brain, and the arms and legs and mass of my body were just useless matter that i needed to function in the universe, like i wasnt part of them.

I wish i could remember better, but i have slight rememberances that i saw pure beauty in front of me. Like when i first got that seperation of perception and mind in the basement, and the pole, i was there, together with the pole in an infinite moment of time. The pole became a bright yellow, and the half of the room to the left of it all became red and the left half all became green. I also remember i had faint closed eye visuals, patterns and flowing streaks of color in front of me, so energetic and moving, and it didnt make sense.

As i think back to it now, it seems like that high was completely seperate from the rest of my life. I enjoyed it so much. It was wonderful. So wonderful, so much more intense than any high i've ever gotten. Just last night i smoked a smaller portion, and as i was looking in the hallway i got that feeling of 'i am here' but this one i got today was like 3 times that!

Well, we havent even began to use up those glorious nugs. I am so satisfied with this high i just got, but i am so excited and cant wait to do more, and go even further into realizing this whole thing!
I R Smart
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Postby I R Smart » Thu Jun 15, 2006 10:05 am

And you people say that weed is bad for you...

Nice story. I also become really creative when high. Never had that tho. How bout you send some of that stuff here? :D
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Postby KyleBenoit » Thu Jun 15, 2006 1:58 pm

I R Smart wrote:And you people say that weed is bad for you...

Nice story. I also become really creative when high. Never had that tho. How bout you send some of that stuff here? :D

I've noticed that I've become extremely creative after I started pot. Alot of my art is very abstract and trippy and I usually do my trippy art when I'm high, because it's fun and relaxing. Pot is just a fun thing to do in my opinion. Bongs are a great thing to use as well.
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Postby tweek_rox » Thu Jun 15, 2006 2:05 pm

Wow...tase_me...Emily is your name are an amazing still amaze me! lol! I agree with I R Smart...send some this way! If i had an ounce of artistic ability in my body...i would draw extremely abstract and trippy things! Some of the sh*t I! Emily...i would love to get high with are amazing!

Oh ya...all you people who post anti-weed stuff on a marijuana thread...ever heard each their own...just let us stoners chat about what we want to chat about...and leave us the f*ck wanna bitch, then create your own g*ddamn thread and let us have this one...and if you have any issues with why pot should be legalized, talk to me...i have the just shut the f*ck up, and leave this thread alone!
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Postby tase_me » Thu Jun 15, 2006 6:16 pm

Thanks, Tweek_rox. But i'm not sending any of that sweet weed anywhere except into my lungs! I guess I'm just lucky that i have a dealer nearby that has almost anything. I'm really grateful for that. I was thinking about buying some microdots of acid from him. I've never tried anything else besides pot, but from what i've heard it sounds completely amazing. But they cost only 10 dollars, so maybe someday this summer, I'll go on a fantastic trip . . .
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Postby #1 Towelie fan » Thu Jun 15, 2006 11:43 pm

pesk wrote:Could someone please tell me how much hash costs in america?

well it depends how much you want

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Postby KyleBenoit » Fri Jun 16, 2006 1:10 am

#1 Towelie fan wrote:
pesk wrote:Could someone please tell me how much hash costs in america?

well it depends how much you want


It also depends on who is selling it to you. At my school, I got 2 grams for $20. There are some people who give you very good deals as well. This week I got 7 grams for just $30.
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Postby SerialGoth » Fri Jun 16, 2006 1:37 am

Never tried it, not even a toke, nor have I ever had any desire to. The truth is that my father was a major drug addict who used to smoke it the way people smoke cigarettes, so that's the main reason why I was never even interested in trying it. If people want to smoke it, that's each their own, you know? I just choose not to, and the friends of mine who do still smoke don't do it around me since they know I'm not into it. I'm not smug and self-righteous about it either; I just choose not to. Nor do I believe that smoking weed immmediately leads to a heroin addiction or anything like that either. My father was simply an unfourtunate execption to this rule. I say, if you want to smoke, smoke, but if you ask me to partake, I will take Nancy Reagan's advise and "JUST SAY NO". But I promise, I won't call the narcs on ya or anything.
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Postby tweek_rox » Fri Jun 16, 2006 1:15 pm

tanks are one of the cool ones...the ones who don't care what we do!! i totally think thats cool...i have friends like that...and we're like best friends!! Thanks for actuallt having a brain!! lol!!

hey, tase_me...where do you live? i just realize that i have no idea! lol! ya...i'm the same tho...i've only done weed...although once we thought it may have been laced with coke...that was a stepdad has always told me not to do any of the chemical drugs...only natural ones...but i kno i'll end up doing it!!
~No one remembers your name/ When you're strange~ Jim Morrison 1943 - 1971
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Postby KyleBenoit » Fri Jun 16, 2006 4:14 pm

Staying neutral about this topic if you don't do pot is definately the way to go. It's a hell of alot nicer than nagging people to get out of that habit.

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