Worldwide Privacy Tour

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Worldwide Privacy Tour

Postby LPeddirt » Fri Feb 24, 2023 4:59 am

As an American, I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved your excellent show about the World Privacy Tour. The dastardly duo have been doing so much more than what was included in the show for the past 3 or 4 years. Please do sone more shows on them.

I would love to see one where the kids get invited to the coronation and say the duo there but love everything else.

Other things that could be covered in an episode include, but definitely not limited to:
Oprah interview
Oprah’s “Whaaaat?”
Meghan’s baby bump that falls down to her knees
Children? What children? They must be ghosts
His mother talking to him
Falling in the metal dog bowl that supposedly breaks
Her claw of doom she keeps on Harry to control him
The bench stench
Buying awards to receive
Her facial expressions around children including her fake kiss of a little girl’s hand but she really kissed her own
Her lawsuit with her sister who she has definitely defamed (in my opinion and many others)
Their Sussex Squad (how much do they really get paid?)
Christopher Bouzy and his Bot Farm sales, I mean expertise
Meghan dressing like Princess Diana over and over again
The site where Harry lost his virginity which sounds like it’s going to have a sign put up to mark the spot
An ad for Todger cream when your your todger gets frostbitten
All of their PR stories that they paid to put out over the years promoting them
Her wanting to be our next president of the US
Her bananas she wrote notes on and distributed
His juggling (his) balls outside of her window when she was on a zoom call
Her Archetype broadcasts and the horrific interviews she did which included insulting some A-list guests
Her Tig blog that is now coming out with stories that are contrary to the lies she has been telling, including one saying how wonderful her father was and did to help her go to private school and eventually paid for her to attend Northwestern even though she said she worked and worked to pay for it herself
Where was Doria for about 10 years of Meghan’s childhood life even though Meghan has played as though she raised her and not her dad
Bullying report
Convenient memory lapse in a UK court which would be considered perjury anywhere else
Sticking her tongue out at people like Camilla and others behind their backs and sometimes just when they’re looking the other way
They’re lies of how important they are.
How they cannot keep their hands to themselves when in public settings. It’s not necessarily PDA but more defiance to the royal protocol
I could go on but this is a great start.
Thanks again for a great episode!!

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